tuorlo Blue

A fusion of Art, Architecture, & Photography

Tuorlo Blue is a project created to explore beauty of food through art, architecture, & photography.

Initially an inspiration created by shirataki, “white waterfall” noodles, that are a zero calorie pasta alternative used by zen Japanese monks.  Rather than traditional recipes, Tuorlo Blue creates unique fusions with traditional and innovative Italian dishes and ingredients.

Enjoy our healthy, innovative, and beautiful creations featuring shirataki noodles.  Natural & zero-calorie, these simple alternative to noodles can be used to create beautiful dishes for the health-conscious.

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Created by

A photographer & architect

Ryan A. Bruss. Ryan has been living and working as a photographer for 15 years in Tokyo.  Working primarily in fashion, jewelry, and product photography he has worked with Ralph Lauren, Mercedes Benz, & VOGUE.  In addition Ryan has M.A. in cognitive linguistics and explores visual and linguistic metaphors of Japanese culture as a Professor of creative writing. His work can be found at: Ryanbruss.com

Andrea Pompili.  Graduated from the Academy of Architecture, USI, Switzerland, and began her career in the film industry working with Prof. Marco Müller (2004-2011 Venice Film Festival Director) for the Master Class Styles and Techniques of Cinema at USI.  She then worked with Luca Guadagnino on Suspiria as the production design assistant.  Three years ago, she moved to Tokyo and started her career as an architect at Sou Fujimoto & Architects before moving to Kengo Kuma And Associates where she currently works.  

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Zero-Calorie, Keto focused Italian/Japanese fusion Recipes