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Creating art & beauty in zero calories


A Japanese healthy alternative.
Incredible health benefits & zero-calories.


Japanese history
of health &
natural benefits

Shirataki noodles are a historical zen food of the monks of Japan. With an ancient history, it is shocking how much of a hidden gems these noodles remain. These noodles are made with a type of fiber which is both extremely low in calories (0 in most cases) and also promotes weight-loss. The one difficulty with shirataki noodles is that they are different from traditional calorie-bomb pasta. With this in mind, recipes designed for these noodles create the best results. On this page you will find traditional & creative recipes that exhibit the beauty & healthy nature of these noodles.

Beauty & health

Sometimes called "miracle noodles" Japanese shirataki noodles are transparent & a unique alternative to calorie bombs.

An architect & photographer

We are two artist exploring our crafts through a unique & delicious medium: food. Designing recipes, plating, and creating images.

creating art in touch
with taste; see & taste
art in your own home
with our recipes

art photos
Illustration & recipes.



Tokyo, Meguro-ku

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